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World's first Twitter-activated sampling machine

World’s first Twitter-activated sampling machine

BOS Ice Tea is launching the world’s first Twitter-activated sampling machine at Wembley Square, Cape Town, South Africa.     In keeping with their entertaining approach to brand activations, BOS wanted a sampling mechanic for Design Indaba 2012 to be more than just an ice tea dispensing affair. BEV’s extraordinary social facelift, which enables the...

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Yepp, you will find David Report at Twitter as well.

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As we have mentioned before you can follow David Report on Twitter. Why not?

David Report on Twitter

David Report has been using the free social messaging utility Twitter since 2007 but we have been a bit slow on updating… Things is about to change. So if you are a Twitterholic you can now more regularly follow our thoughts around design and life. CLICK HERE!

Why Twitter?

Twitter is on everybody’s (at least the journalist’s) minds these days in Sweden. You can read how someone became “friend” with Yoko Ono one day or started to follow Barack Obama the other. Probably a lot of you don’t care, but some of you are maybe interested but don’t understand why you should Twitter. For...