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Sfera's Uchiwa

Sfera’s Uchiwa

Japanese design brand Sfera started the original Uchiwa collection in the summer of 2009, as an example of adopting Japanese traditional craft into our daily life. Uchiwa is a flat, non-folding Japanese fan which have been a familiar part of daily life since centuries. Sfera’s Uchiwa is redefined to fit contemporary lifestyle, simply showing its...
Furniture music by Gak Sato

Furniture music by Gak Sato

Milan based Gak Sato has made a collection of furniture music called cosmosSfera for the Japanese design brand Sfera. The work of Gak Sato represents a new form of music and a new way of enjoying music. The album also features Yuko Ikoma and Kosuke Shimidzu, a member of mama!milk, the music group playing in...