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David Carlson founder of David Report

David Carlson: david(at)davidreport(dot)com

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Kristina Dryza: kristina(at)kristinadryza(dot)com

Kristina Dryza is a designer, strategist and writer. She is the retained consumer trends expert for media agencies and innovation bureaus in London, New York and Tokyo. Kristina helps companies make the imagined future real by translating emerging trends into new products, spaces and experiences. She is also a Business Ambassador for the State of South Australia.

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Brent Richards: brent.richards1(at)googlemail(dot)com

Brent Richards is an International Award winning Architect and Designer, Academic, and Creative Polymath. He is CEO | Founder of The Design Embassy Europe an international transdisciplinary Creative Consultancy based in Richmond London. Services include R&D, Trend Mapping & Futurescaping, Creative Strategy, and Design Services. DE is currently engaged in projects in Spain, Italy, Iceland, Sweden, Mauritius, Japan and USA). Previously, Brent Richards was Founder and Executive Director of the Design Laboratory @ Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts (UAL) London 2000-2009. His role positioned him at the center of emerging design talent, the creative industries, bridging education, design innovation and enterprise.


Design, culture and commercial life trends from Jaeuk Jung

Jaeuk Jung: jaeuk.jung79(at)gmail(dot)com

Jaeuk Jung was born in Seoul, Korea in 1979 and holds a recent MFA in Experience Design from Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design in Stockholm. He keeps his mind open by traveling and observing the world over, connecting concept and service design with trend analysis. He works for international consultancies in Stockholm, Paris, and Seoul, and explores time as an aspect of design and experience.

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Philip Battin portrait

Philip Battin:  philip(at)battin(dot)dk
Twitter: @Battin1

Philip Battin is studying Visual Communications & Design at Danmarks Designskole in Copenhagen, Denmark. He believes the sophisticated methodism of the design practice can be used to re-frame and re-think the current and future issues of our society. Enabling true innovation and communication to evolve.

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Contributor writing about trends in the intersection of design, culture and business.

Louise Brandstrup Zastrow: mail(at)louisezastrow(dot)com
Twitter: @louise_zastrow

Louise Brandstrup Zastrow is a creative professional and strategist passionate about identifying and creating honest, simple and unique storytelling and concepts with a great impact! Very close to her heart is working with innovative designers, gastronomic stars and fashion projects with a unique narrative. Besides her independent work as a Creative Strategist & Concept Developer she is currently also responsible for Creative Strategy, PR & Communications at the gourmet restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl.

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Li Hoang Contributor at David Report

Li Hoang: li.hoang(at)rocketmail(dot)com
Twitter: @lihoang

Li Hoang is a pro-active Magazine Publishing graduate who is interested in Social Media, Branding, Fashion and Editorial. She has a good ability to communicate clearly and pays excellent attention to detail. Li Hoang is creative and strategic in approach to projects and possesses good focus skills under pressure. She has interned at several publications involving advertising, marketing, PR, and editorial. 

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Kristine Harper is a David Report contributor

Kristine Harper: kristine_harper(at)yahoo(dot)dk
Kristine Harper has a masters degree in philosophy (the histories of ideas) and art history. She is teaching aesthetics, trends, and semiotics at a design school in copenhagen (KEA design/business). Her main contributions to David Report will be within the fields of urban trends, art, and lifestyle. 

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David Report contributor Fanny Wacklin Nilsson

Fanny Wacklin Nilsson: hello(at)fannywnilsson(dot)com
Twitter: @fannywnilsson

Fanny Wacklin Nilsson is studying graphic design in at University of the West of England in Bristol. Originally from Sweden she tries to have an open mind to design and absorb as much as possibly from different cultures, which is why she is doing an exchange semester in Rotterdam. Design is problem solving and communicative. Telling stories through it and communicating them to a wider audience is an ethos she believes in. Fanny is passionate about creativity and design in whatever form it takes; making her believe that being a graphic designer requires the ability to work in several different mediums, knowing which is the most applicable for the situation, problem, or brief. 

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Fredrik Goffhe contributor at David Report

Fredrik Goffhe: fredrik(at)formal(dot)se

Fredrik Goffhe is an Award winning Designer, Educator and Design Writer. He is co-founder of Formal Design – a Stockholm based strategic design consultancy where he teaches you how to add perceived value to your products with the latest developed design methods. His work is based on consumer psychology and semiotic insight as well as the experience that come from years of high quality design work for clients. Services include Design Services, Product R&D, Design Strategy, Design Education and Development of Design Methodology. Previously, Fredrik was Senior Product Designer at Propeller 1998-2009.

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Malin Groop

Malin Groop: malin.groop(at)marimekko(dot)fi

Malin Groop (M.Sc. Econ.) is a brand strategist and advisor based in Helsinki. Her love affair with Finnish design & handicraft began more than 20 years ago. For David Report, she meets Finnish thinkers and doers working with design, arts & culture, and reports about places and projects where their thoughts come alive. Malin works as Marketing Director for Finnish design icon Marimekko.

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Emma Laurin at David Report

Emma Laurin: emma.laurin(at)

Emma Laurin was born in Sweden, but her love for exploring kept her on the road for almost a decade. She is currently studying for a MA and MSc in Innovation Design Engineering at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. As a designer she has a passion for holistic design thinking where the experience becomes the main movement for a change. Her work experience has taken her from Spain to Japan and now UK.

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David Report contributor Beth Lauck

Beth Lauck: blauck(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: @bethlauck

Beth Lauck is a fashion and lifestyle trend forecaster. She holds masters degrees from Harvard University and Polimoda’s International Institute for Fashion & Marketing. The body of her work is situated at the crossroads of fashion, politics, history, gender and aesthetic theory. This is based on her strong believe that fashion’s roots are grounded in the mythos of collective imagination. And that our aesthetic and style choices are deeply personal, yet also mirror the socio-cultural customs of an increasingly globalized economy. 

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Claudia Muniz Garcia: claudiamunizgarcia(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: @dontplayhate

Claudia, original from Spain, evolved into a quirky Swedish-Japanese-Señorita blend after almost 10 years working in Stockholm and Tokyo. ”I am thrilled by cultural differences & travel. My work towards Telecom Operators in Asia Pacific (APAC) and collaboration in David Report is definitely, the perfect match.”

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Kristina borjesson

Kristina Börjesson: kristina(at)borjesson-mk(dot)se


Frederik andersen

Frederik Andersen: frederik(at)gmtn(dot)dk

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Alfred Malmros:  alfred(at)alfredmalmros(dot)com

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Kim Borgström contributor at David Report

Kim Borgström: kimborgstrom(at)hotmail(dot)com

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Jonas Lindberg: jl(at)superlounge(dot)com

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Hanna Ljungström - David Report contributor


Hanna Ljungström: hanna(at)lotsdesign(dot)se

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Tim Power: tim(at)tim-power(dot)com



John-Michael Ekeblad: ekeblad(at)gmail(dot)com



Olivier Rohrbach: silverspin(at)smile(dot)ch