Jasper Morrison mobile phone

Punkt. has released a second mobile phone called MP 02, once again designed by Jasper Morrison.

Like its predecessor, it’s a simple mobile phone for calling and texting but this time with 4G LTE, tethering for Internet access, and BlackBerry Secure (the first non-BlackBerry handset to use the BlackBerry Secure embedded technology). Again eye-catching without being showy, with excellent ergonomics and audio quality, the MP 02 is an entirely new product: different hardware, subtly different physical aesthetics, threaded text-messaging, and bespoke UI.

The MP02 is not a ‘detox phone’. It’s a new kind of everyday phone, for people who have realized that smartphones can get in the way of life, and actually create invisible barriers between people. Real talking, rather than the exchange of text (i.e. data), is still often the most efficient way to connect – and is always the most human. So, no distractions, no notifications. But when you decide that you want to access the Internet, it’s there. Whether in combination with a small tablet or a 15″ laptop, MP 02 users can fine-tune their digital toolkit to suit their needs, benefiting from a sensible-sized keyboard screen.

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