Notebook by Nendo

Even if we at David Report most write in our digital devices nowadays we do really like the new notebook by Nendo launched at this weeks Stockholm Design Week.

Nendo notebook

The notebook is designed for Stockholm based company smaller objects. The L-shaped perforations along the sides of the pages can be folded out to create customised indexes.

Nendo notebook

Up to 5 different indexes can be formed on each page, making it easy to organise and keep track of the notebook’s contents, just by simple letter or colour demarcations.


As the book itself has been crafted in the style of traditional Japanese bookbinding with matte-finish thread, the pages can be neatly torn away from the perforations along the seams, allowing you to give away or file each page individually.

smart notebook

Also, the pages are free of any lines or margins, and the covers are all plain-coloured, designed to be as unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing as possible when stacked together.

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