When architects Astrid Skog and Charlotte Stuveback got a commission from Absolut to create an ”Absolut Creative Space”, a venue for creatives and innovators, the inspiration was taken from the company’s production process. Unique work environments that would inspire and enable different types of work processesa and invite limitless variations of creative processes.



Four blue containers used to ship Absolut Vodka were transformed into a pop-up studio. All materials used where recycled. The studio is designed to be easy to pack and rebuilt in a different place in the world.


Creative Space was placed outside Färgfabriken in Stockholm. The size of the site and its surroundings demanded that Creative Space physical attributes could take place in possession. Skog & Stuveback made a design where the area between the containers was important to create a semi-official zone, welcoming visitors to come closer. An area of pallets with plants with meeting places surrounds the four containers.

Creative pop-up space by Absolut

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