The Stockholm based watch brand TID has released its second product – No.2.

TID watches

The idea is to make something that does not go out of style after one season, says Ola Berneståhl, CEO and co-founder of TID Watches. We want to make something clean and iconic. Our intention is that we keeping the shape during time and launching different materials. We believe that the wristwatch is more or less the only accessory that you can carry around as a man. So in this case we felt that we could not find a relevant wristwatch that was appealing enough in a lower price range, so we started of designing one.


TID No2 comes in two sizes.

No.2 continues on the design trajectory set out by No.1. This time with refined materials and details like a monochromatic solid brushed steel case, face and hands. It boasts a domed sapphire glass and Swiss made movement. No.2 comes in two sizes and goes superbly with any of the TID wristbands.


The TID Display Blocks are an architectural landscape, based on the iconic TID box. The system features four geometric shapes; Cube, Prism, Triangle and Pylon. 

We wanted to make a more sophisticated version of No.1 by adding quality through updated materials such as sapphire glas, brushed steel and Swiss movement, Ola Berneståhl continues. Still true to our core philosophy of focus on design in every detail. The No.2 comes in two sizes, 36 mm and 40 mm and goes superbly with any of the TID wristbands.

The No.2 TID watch

The TID founders Ola E. Bernestål, John Löfgren, Petrus Palmér and Jonas Pettersson.

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