Kristjana S. Williams

We like the unique artwork created by the brand consultancy The Partners and contemporary artist Kristjana S. Williams to celebrate the heritage and the spirit of London’s for the Connaught hotel.

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The Connaught, situated at the heart of London’s Mayfair, approached The Partners to create an identity that captured the spirit of the hotel, and, in doing so, reflected its finely judged balance of heritage and modernity. The Partners collaborated with the contemporary artist Kristjana S. Williams, to create a unique collage artwork that will enhance, rather than constrain the magic of the hotel.

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The piece tells the visual narrative of the hotel’s story, with each of the hand-painted and hand-cut elements of the collage capturing its most iconic features and tales, both past and present, says Kristjana S. Williams.

Kristjana S. Williams

The artwork serves as the central inspiration for the hotel’s new brand. Choice crops from the piece have been selected for use across 160 pieces of collateral, each element specially chosen to be fitting for its application – for example, the key chain of the Duke of Connaught was chosen to feature on the room keycards, while a bird with an ornate cutlery headdress was used to feature on the front of the in-room dining menu.

Connaught hotel

As an artist, what is important to me is to create an artwork that draws you in. So, rather than viewing it just once, you’re able to look at it again and again. For this project, I wanted to create a piece that would not just be housed in the hotel but represent it – a work that would celebrate the spirit and the history of the Connaught, Kristjana S. Williams ends.

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