Johanna Törnqvist at Wear it Loud exhibition

Wear it Loud is a jewelry exhibition which showcase art jewelry as a fashion statement. The idea is to providing fashion lovers with an alternative to the jewelry regularly featured in fashion publications. One of the artists is Swedish Johanna Törnqvist who will show a piece of jewelry called Vingklippt (Pinioned) made out of reused material from our daily waste.

Johanna Törnqvist jewelry at Wear it Loud

The raw simple material has been processed to become new precious material, pleated and stitched together with the same precision as haute couture, to make a statement about our daily consumption, Johanna says.

Except for Johanna Törnqvist the exhibition will feature work of Anya Kivarkis, Ashley Buchanan, Alissia Melka-Teichroew, Cristina Dias, Denise J. Reytan, Gregory Larin, Hanna Hedman, Inbar Shahak, Karin Seufert, Lola Brooks, Marge Hinge, Eunmi (Mia) Kwon, Nikki Couppe, Rebecca Hannon, and Tara Locklear.

Wear It Loud will be on view from September 4, through October 16, 2014 at Ross Gallery, 30 Gansevoort Street, New York.

Photo credit Fredrik Sederholm.


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