Formafantasma exhibition From then on

On the occasion of the London Design Festival Studio Formafantasma designed the exhibition ”From then on” to celebrate the first ten years of British furniture producer Established and Sons. The exhibition consists of a deconstructed clock conceived in dialogue with the architecture of the company’s showroom.

From then on

Time as a Celebration of Instances – Saxophones/ Quarter Hour Repeat

“From then on” poetically visualises the ephemeral and enduring qualities of time through the use of timeless materials: marble, brass and fabric, says Andrea Trimarchi from Formafantasma.

Formafantasma celebrates Established & Sons

Time as a Circular Motion – Marble Clock/ Hour Revolution

The installation is our own way to celebrate Established and Sons with five intimate and kinetic pieces, each of which represents the passage of time differently. “From then on” does not nostalgically look back, but looks forward to what is to come, Simone Farresin adds.

From then on by Formafantasma formafantasma-from-then-on

Fighting Time – Pendulum/ One Second Delay

The installation is on view through all October at the Established and Sons HQ at 5-7 Wenlock Road in London.

From then on exhibition

Time as Repeated Opposed Actions – Fan Clock/ Five Minute Movement

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