Sharp gastronomic vision, humour and interaction are elements that drive the dynamic food experiences created by Bo Lindegaard and Lasse Askov, the pioneering chefs behind the Copenhagen food agency I’m a KOMBO. Previously, they have challenged the concept of dining by collaborating with various creative industries and developed concepts with Spanish architect Patricia Urquiola, Cuban video artist Anthony Goicolea and the Danish fashion brand Soulland.


Just opened in Høkerboderne in Kødbyen (Copenhagen’s meatpacking district), NIBBLE features the world’s best and largest selection of independent food magazines and obscure culinary publications complemented by a carefully curated selection of other related items. NIBBLE will feature as a store but will also serve as an office for I’m a KOMBO. Hopefully, NIBBLE will inspire informal meetings and social networking across the creative industries.


To create the interiors of NIBBLE, I’m a KOMBO has partnered with Danish design studio OeO, a company whose portfolio already features a number of prestigious brands, including Takashimaya, Georg Jensen, Sony, Leica Japan, Stellar Works and Japan Handmade. The brief the design company was given was clear: “You need to create an interesting universe of international standing. We have high demands in regards of functionality and flexibility.”

Nibble by I'm a Kombo

A key consideration for the OeO design concept was durability in relation to materials and style. Wood is used throughout the design, and here OeO and I’m a KOMBO have teamed with Dinesen for the supply of Douglas fir used to create a 7-meter-long furnishing element and a custom-designed multifunctional and flexible wall cabinet system to display books, magazines and other products. This cabinet system is rendered with an attractive colour composition and a seemingly random pattern design in balance with the colours of the floor.

The space must create a welcoming and almost edible atmosphere. A unique and tactile universe of international standing that is inspirational and provides a good contrast to other shops and restaurants in Kødbyen, says Thomas Lykke, creative director of OeO.


 On the whole, we have paid special attention to the colour scheme, visual surfaces and natural play of materials. The final touch is a ceiling lighting system, the Kyoto Float Lamp, designed by OeO for Stellar Works to resemble light clouds, Thomas Lykke adds.

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