The talented people at the Swedish creative agency Studio Total have just launched “the world’s smallest and most imperfect award” called The Award of incompleteness – in honour of the classic Alvar Aalto vase.

In honor of the Alvar Aalto vase

We don’t think style is good in itself – just look at the inauguration of the 1936 olympics – it shows that totalitarianism can be quite stylish and even beautiful. Aalto design his set of vases at the height of totalitarianism in Europe – when the ideal form was bombastic. But Aalto was going the opposite direction – making his vases small, fragile and with free flowing forms. They were mouth blown with the imperfections that comes with a human made craft. In that year it was more than a shape – a whisper for humanity, and that is the reason for the award, says Thomas Mazetti from Studio Total.

By Studio Total and Iittala

The award is given to a carefully selected group of persons (36 to be exact), which all have in common being free spirited and (thus) doing their own thing. Among them you will find journalists, photographers, musicians, designers, authors, bloggers, models, artists and activists from all over the world. Maria Mena, Cara Delevingne, Max Fraser and Mori Chack to name a few. Here at David Report we are already looking forward to see the winners for next years award. But until then – we will explore the winners of this years award, and learn more about how they are doing things their own way – and at the same time – pushing the world in a positive direction.

Iittala are sponsoring the project but are giving us full freedom – just as Iittala once did for Aalto, Tomas Mazetti ends.

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