Tools jewelry

Spanish artist Remedios Vincent has added new pieces to his previous installments of  a jewelry collection called Tools. This time he has decided to bring back prosthetics eyes, dentures, lenses, thermometers, syringes into the light of day with a new use.


“These very interesting instruments, in spite of having been manufactured using less advanced production techniques than the current ones, are of unquestionable quality, they are manufactured of the finest materials, by the best professionals and craftsmen, besides their aesthetic appearance which is primarily functional as their usability is more important than their form, which makes them a reliable and durable, that would allow their continued use in spite of their age.”


If you want to touch and feel the work of Remedios live you can visit his new small physical shop in Madrid called FEEAS Workshop. In addition to to find hos pieces you will experience a kind of laboratory, clinic and workshop of an apparently aseptic environment.




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