A Better Backpack, a coming Kickstarter project by Daniel Eckler, designed by Mijlo. It’s a timeless, minimal+functional backpack that lasts more than a lifetime. In an era defined by disposability, Daniel is proposing a bag that’s built with tough, time-tested materials, and stitched together with precision.

A Better Backpack has a simple and clean appearance with neutral, muted colors, resulting in a backpack that will never go out of style.


It is made out of 100% cotton canvas with a heavy-duty waterproof lining and has a reinforced, padded laptop compartment.


In recent years, fashion retailers have been moving designs from the runway to the rack faster than ever before – feeding a fashion cycle that appears to have no end in sight, Daniel Ecker says. Since we believe a product’s lifespan should be as timeless as its design – simplicity and sustainability were an integral part of our design process.


If a buyer decides to part ways with the backpack, they are encouraged to return it for a 10% rebate. It will either be donated to someone in need, or the materials will be used for a new bag.

This Kickstarter project will be launched today, Tuesday November 12th.

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