The Second Self Laboratory is the graduation project from the Design Academy Eindhoven by Jan Pieter Kaptein. The project will be exhibited at both the school and at the Van Abbemuseum during the Dutch Design Week 2013.


At the Second Self Laboratory you can try out different social roles by wearing different costumes. You can be a judge, a stranger, monster, or simply Mr. Ordinary? The collection, offers different costumes based on archetypical characters from literature, theatre and mythology. By wearing them you will not only change the way you look; it also changes the way you act.

Second self laboratory by jan pieter kaptein

The costumes function as universal symbols, revealing information about rights, duties, abilities and social status. Wearing them does not only influence your image, but also your self-perception, says Jan Pieter Kaptein.


Photography by Conor Trawinski

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