Winner project Useful Living Space by Sanghyeok Lee

The Berlin-based Korean designer Sanghyeok Lee wins the 2013 version of Time to Design for his project ”Useful Living Space”. Sanghyeok Lee graduated from Design Academy Eindhoven in 2011 and works from his own design studio.


The winning project is a series of self-assembly furniture consisting of a bookcase and a desk that represented Sanghyeok Lee’s nomadic lifestyle.


One day, standing in front of a scaffolding structure, I decided to use that as a source of inspiration. Scaffolding structures are moved around the city where they are needed. They live a rather unstable life, but they are of great importance where they are used. To me that was very similar to my own situation as a newly graduated jobless designer says Sanghyeok Lee.


Sanghyeok Lee receives a three months residency at the Danish Art Workshops, 6700 Euro donated by the Danish Ass. of Wood and Furniture Industries, career coaching by OeO, a two week ex­hibition period in Normann Copenhagen Flagship Store (Nov. 21 – Dec. 5 2013), and an exhibition at Stockholm Furniture Fair in 2014. Sanghyeok Lee’s plan is to expand this concept while staying in Denmark.

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