Product ID is a product labeling initiative started by the Finnish design collective, Musta Design. The concept… to add value to the things we buy, own and use through storytelling and creating emotional connections. With a simple sticker we can label our objects to create a “family tree” or genealogy for ourselves and the future owners.

The inspiration for Product ID came from an old small rocking chair which now belongs to one of the designers from Musta Design.

The story of the chair began with World War II. The rocking chair had been a part of evacuee transportation. Train full of furniture and belongings had traveled to the other side on Finland. The name of the owner had been written underneath the seat and with that the chair had found her owner in a new location. Story of the evacuee has traveled along the chair from owner to another and the chair has become beloved. Even though the chair looks a little bit beaten-up, it is still usable and relevant. Small rocking chair is perfect for small city apartments! The story gives the chair character and reason to take care of it.

Long-lasting products and furniture often have stories to tell and lifespan to take care of, they are often passed down from one generation to another or sometimes simply sold on. There are several benefits to consider with Product ID. It not only tells the story of the product to make you understand and appreciate it more, but it can also provide the information needed in case of recycling and reusing of materials.

The goal in Musta Design is to be a part of making a better world where sustainable design is an inborn way of working and succeeding. Product ID is one example of this!

I first saw these stickers at Habitare Design Festival in Helsinki in 2011 at the launch, but I keep coming back to them. They are available for download and print directly from the Product ID website..