This Swedish firm, Superfront  has established their company on a solid foundation – Ikea storage modules. They have taken upon themselves, to design and develop cool new fronts, tops, handles and legs for your Ikea storage modules. Whether it is for your kitchen or bedroom, they offer a fresh new perspective and the opportunity to dress up your already existing furniture. To make them last as long as they were intended, also visually!

In order to design and produce high quality at a fair price we make our fronts, handles and legs for all of Ikea’s existing cabinet bases. It’s the same cabinets that are used by just about every interior designer today, as well as those who hire carpenters to build expensive tailor-made accessories.

The benefits extend to many base products from Ikea. Renew your existing Ikea kitchen or an old wall lined with Ikea closets. Tweak a sideboard or even a bathroom cabinet from their line. We think it’s smart, both economically and environmentally.

How does it work? Everything is made to order in Sweden and shipped directly to the customer. Superfront also currently has a showroom for inspiration in Stockholm, but all sales take place through the webshop. The inspire their existing and potential customers with  beautiful lifestyle images and visual feedback from the customers gathered from Instagram on their Facebook page.

So… don’t panic of you can’t find those beautiful handles or legs that you hoped for when visiting Ikea next time. Have a look at Superfront and consider a mix – make it your own. I just hope they will soon move onto to designing legs for beds also…