Codebreaker watch

Bremont are a watchmaker with a difference. This difference is the fact that they don’t originate from Switzerland (they are a UK based brand) and they are barely a decade old which, in the luxury watch industry, is fairly unusual – with most of the leading brands boasting over a century of fine watchmaking. This relative newness to market hasn’t held Bremont back one jot, however, and they have firmly established a reputation as one of the leading purveyors of luxury, high-end timepieces.

This reputation is largely built on the back of their exceptional range of limited edition watches such as the Bremont Victory, made from parts of Admiral Nelson’s vessel, HMS Victory, and the Bremont Norton watch which was made in conjunction with the motorcycle manufacturers, Norton. Well, courtesy of the editorial team at The Watch Gallery, we have a first-hand look at the latest limited edition timepiece to be launched by Bremont – the spectacular Codebreaker watch pictured above.

As with most limited edition watches from Bremont, there is a highly interesting and unusual backstory to the Bremont Codebreaker timepiece. It is made from parts of the famous Enigma codebreaking machine which was pivotal to the allied efforts during World War II as it helped crack encrypted codes being sent by the Nazis.

The Bremont Codebreaker watch has taken components of the Enigma machine and has integrated them into the mechanism of the timepiece and, in addition, the crown of the watch is made from wood taken from Hut 6 at Bletchley Park, where the Enigma machine was situated during WWII.

Rather fittingly, Bremont chose to unveil the Codebreaker at Bletchley and it was an event attended by the biggest and brightest in the world of horology.

bremont-codebreaker-1 bremont-codebreaker-2

The Enigma Machine


Hut 1 at Bletchley Park


The Codebreaker


Codebreaker Mechanism

A fine addition to Bremont’s, already impressive collection, of limited edition timepieces, the Codebreaker is set to be one of the British watchmaker’s stand-out pieces for 2013 and will be limited to just 290 pieces (250 in stainless steel and 40 in rose gold). A selection of the more eye-catching features of this watch include:

  • Flyback Chronograph
  • Crown Engraved with Original Pinewood from Hut 6
  • Numbers from 5 Original Punchcards from Enigma Machine on Barrel of Watch
  • 100m Water Resistance
  • Sapphire Crystal Glass Front

You can view more Bremont watches online at The Watch Gallery.

This is an article by David Report contributor Leo Parker.