Design exhibition

One,Two Tree! is a design exhibition taking place at Artipelag, beautifully situated in the Stockholm archipelago.


Swedish designers have traditionally been inspired by nature and used wood as an important material in their work. The popularity of wood has been up and down over time – culminating in the hysterical 1970s pine mania, when most kitchen tables was made of a thick solid wood top by untreated pine. But eventually the interest faded away. However, with a rising ecological and environmental awareness, the woods have become accepted again and designers – not just in Sweden – have taken wood to new heights. This interest is on display on nearly 13,000 square feet in this summer’s large design exhibition at Artipelag.


The exhibition is curated by journalist Staffan Bengtsson. It ends on August 21st.


In connection with the inauguration of the exhibition One, Two, Tree! Artipelag launched their new design award, with designer Gustav Persson as winner. The photo shows Queen Silvia who took the opportunity to congratulate the winner.

Gustav Persson and Quieen Silvia