Architecture with a bend

Swedish design and architectural firm Claesson Koivisto Rune has recently designed a bent house for one of their Swedish clients.

Fagerström House, CKR 2012-10

The gross building allowance had to be fully exploited in order to create a large enough home for the growing family. The stipulated distance to the property line of course limited the positioning from the sides, while the desire to preserve the old oak tree blocked the middle. The curved L-shape stems completely out of the zoning regulations. The actual bend gives the house an interior spatial flow that would have been broken if we’d chosen a sharp corner. The curving of course also makes for an iconic and sculptural exterior – something that the client specifically requested.

Fagerström House, CKR 2012-10

Another distinctive feature is the facade colour. Vertical boards are painted in different Falun red shades. An irregular transition from ocher (wide boards) to dark red (narrow boards) happens from the bedroom end to the living room end. The inspiration for the colour mixture was taken from the Swedish children’s book ‘Where’s the Tall Uncle’s Hat? ‘.

Fagerström House, CKR 2012-10 Fagerström House, CKR 2012-10

We thought of the house as if it designed itself; that it was neither particularly strange or extreme, says Mårten Claesson.

Fagerström House, CKR 2012-10

interior design

Fagerström House, CKR 2012-10


architectural sketch


Photos by Åke E:son Lindman.

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