I recently came across this website in my search for an office space and was astounded by the concept and great thoughts behind! Desk Camping – Free Desk Here, started as Open Studio Club, is an initiative to bring people together – agencies with excess space meets freelancers in need of a working desk. At the site you can post spaces for rent… but what’s even more remarkable is that you can also post office spaces for free!


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Maybe your company are looking for someone to brainstorm with or maybe you’re the owner of a large agency with seats to spare for new entrepreneurial souls in need of company and working space.


Free Desk Here is an initiative that connects creatives with studios that can offer them free desk space. An offshoot of Open Studio Club, a platform for artists and designers to find interesting and affordable studio space, Free Desk Here fosters a spirit of collaboration by providing creatives a space to work on their own projects and by bringing fresh energy into studios.


There are no strings attached; no expectations of creatives doing work for the studio. It’s simply a way to bring creative people together and facilitate connections that may have gone unrealized.


Currently there are seats up for grabs in Sao Paulo, Dresden, London, Amman, Glasgow, Shanghai, Stavanger, Dallas and many more places…


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To ensure that everyone is clear on their partnership and what to expect, the site has laid out a set of 16 simple rules, here are some…

– Desks are 100% free, there’s no charge

– Guests are there to work on their own projects, not the agency’s work.

– Guests should be actively working on a project and attend the agency daily.

– Guests should be open to share ideas and talk about their work.

– WiFi and other facilities like the kitchen, toilet and windows are included.


The site also promotes work cafe’s and has been featured in Monocle 24’s The Entrepreneur show, Fast Company, The Guardian and other International media.  I for one cross my fingers that this new collaborative spirit is here to stay!


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