The founder of the iconic Ikepod watch brand, Oliver Ike, has finally decided to get into watch manufacturing again. Oliver Ike has been working more than three years with the Finnish designer Ilkka Suppanen to develop some really nice timepieces using the best suppliers and craftsmen the industry has to offer. He has identified an opportunity to fill a market niche in the watchmaking industry with true industrial design at the highest level.



With the launch of the production of the Canopus Weekplanner watch manufactured under the brand name A.Manzoni & Fils Oliver Ike intend to revive this historical local luxury brand which encloses the spirit and company philosophy he wish to maintain.



A.Manzoni & Fils has a history dating back to 1888 and Oliver Ike will now revive this old brand through the crowd finance on kickstarter. If you are interested to support Oliver Ike in his mission, follow this link.

Luxury watches from A. Manzoni & Fils

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A.Manzoni & Fils offers a number of “rewards” from their goodies-section which are all based upon the principles of quality trough culture, design and contemporary craftsmanship.

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A Manzoni & fils