At David Report we have been fans of the work of Katja Pettersson for a long time. Katja was one of the founders of the design group FRONT back in 2003, a group she decided to leave in 2009. Since then Katja works with investigating design projects in the The Fifty Fifty Projects which combine design with a social commitment and an interest in the working conditions and production conditions of designers. Below are some different examples of her recent work.

One-day by Katja Pettersson

research for the One-day lamp

ONE DAY is an experiment with how light refracts and light temperatures – a fictitious window that generates light of a day. ONE DAY is an ongoing project where Katja records a days light temperatures through photography – the result is a way to mimic nature. Photo by Pontus Lindvall.

Katja Pettersson design Katja Pettersson at Supermarket Features of a material

Katja Pettersson participated at Supermarket, Sweden’s biggest art fair with a project called Features of a Material. While the objects from this collection all look alike, they don’t have the same practical function because some are made with vulnerable Styrofoam while others are made of strong aluminum.

Katja Pettersson aims to create projects that establish an emotional, sensual, or intellectual connection with their users – Idea development and design go hand in hand with practical knowledge of production and project management. If my design in one way or another communicates parts of this connection I am reaching my goal, she says.

Katja Pettersson glass sausage


The inspiration for SAUSAGE is based on our mutual agreement and understanding of the world. The question is what an everyday object can be loaded with beyond its practical function. How something taste, what something is made of and so forth.  Photo by Joakim Bergström.

lamp by katja pettersson

bubblegum images

As with the glass sausage the BUBBLE GUM lamp is based on our mutual agreement and understanding of the world. What can it be loaded with beyond its practical function? Photo by Joakim Bergström

Katja Pettersson lamp

With THE SPHERE Katja is studying different light phenomena, how light refracts. It ended up to a prototype – a solid globe of glass that sharpens the beam and generates a more concentrated light than the light source.


In a collaboration with the producer Serralunga, Katja has reduced the expression of a flowerpot to the gestalt of the actual content, the soil. To resemble the image of the pile of soil, used rubber waste from abandoned tires was used as material.

Shape survey

With the Form Survey, launched in February, Katja invites people to participate in a survey to choose the form they like the most. “I think it is important that I as a designers have a better understanding of why we prefer one product over another even if the function is exactly the same. The answers I get will for sure raise more questions, says Katja. You can vote as well. Send  to: studio(at)katjapettersson(dot)com

Straw vase by Katja Pettersson

STRAW come to life during a workshop where Katja was invited by Edition in Craft June 2011. The task Katja gave herself was to study straw and its composites historically and up to the present, and to use these methods to find new ways to manufacture and design objects in straw.

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