I’MPERFECT is a community initiative initiated by Hong Kong based CoLAB  and powered by 3X to promote appreciation of imperfection in our lives for a greener and more harmonious world. 3X is an alliance of design entrepreneurs from Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Beijing, Kuala Lumpur and Copenhagen.

The idea came up when CoLAB was invited by a local ceramic brand, Loveramics to develop surface graphics. CoLAB learned that defective rate for ceramic production of Loveramics was as high as 15%, which means that 150,000 defective ceramic products was being produced every month. Some of them will be recycled into raw material and some sold in bulk for lower end markets, but most of them will be trashed, which has been a big environmental burden.

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CoLAB came up with an idea how to utilise the defective ceramics – though that grew into a bigger concept called I’MPERFECT. The concept advocates a new attitude of appreciation on imperfection.

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I’MPERFECT now consists of a different range of services like product development and curatorial services. Around 1/3 of the profit would go to a pool, which supports programmes and activities in line with the vision of I’MPERFECT.

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The spirit of our movement is not turning imperfection into perfection, but encouraging people to see perfection from imperfect, says Eddy Yu, one of the initiaters.

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So I’MPERFECT has turned into a couple of products; ceramic mugs using defective stock, notebooks made of dead paper stocks, pencils made of discarded newspaper and dry meat in imperfect shapes. As well some different book design and publishing projects. The agenda includes research, exhibitions, revitalization concerning object, people and culture. They are also working with yoga for disabled persons – it helps the disable not only to improve their respiratory function hence their physical health, but also release their stress as well as build a better connection between their body and soul.

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