Swedish designer Thomas Bernstrand have made a new chair and table for Blå Station, called VIVI and SIZE.


Form isn’t fixed. Form isn’t static. Furniture like Vivi is traditional and functional, and updating this kind of furniture is among the toughest challenges to be found, says Johan Lindau from Blå Station. Success depends on the ability to produce a well-balanced product that captures the spirit of the times.

Chair and table by Thomas Bernstrand for Blå Station

The chair comes with 4 legs or runners to withstand any environment, from the cafeteria to the auditorium. Vivi stacks as well.


The table series SIZE on the other hand is an answer to needs and desires from the Blå Station costimers. SIZE, as the name suggests, a series of tables that can be offered in all possible sizes.


The idea is that the customer should always be given the opportunity to choose the size and shape of the table top and also affect the base of the tables, says the designer Thomas Bernstrand. Customer needs in focus!

SIZE comes with one, two, three or four legs, round, square, rectangular or even triangularand get tops and in any (at least almost) size. The table is made of solid ash.