Relief is a wall tile designed by the architect Eva Kai-Larsen. It is made of a very special concrete material, called Soft Concrete. The wall tile is primarily intended for public decoration in entrances and similar premises. The tile has a square shape with one or two corners cut, so that sloping planes are formed. Since there are one right-hand and one left-hand version of the tile, a number of different three dimensional patterns can be created. The tiles are meant to be applied without a joint.

Relief at Katana restaurant

At the sushi restaurant Katana in Stockholm, the designer Elvira Jonsson at Sveagruppen chose to place the tiles at random on the bar front in order to create a maximum of enhanced relief effect. The result is a chaotic appearance that is eye catching.

Reliefe wall tile by Eva Kai Larsen

Soft Concrete is an innovative material consisting of a special concrete with a small addition of polymer that gives a tactile feeling of the material. Used as floor tiles, the advantage is that it is not so hard for the body and when used as tabletops the feeling when setting down glass or ceramic is not as hard as with e.g. marble. The feeling is more like wood.

Relief made of Soft Concrete

The products made of Soft concrete are handcrafted in Sweden by Johans Golv AB.