Luca Nichetto in Cologne

At the next edition of “imm cologne”, January 14th to 20th, Italian designer Luca Nichetto will carry out the project “Das Haus –Interiors on Stage”, where the designer will present his vision of house of the future.

Because of his interest in sustainable design, Nichetto compares his “Das Haus” with a small planet, where the living room becomes as important as the Amazon rainforest is for the Earth. That is precisely where Nichetto starts designing his “Das Haus” from – a house that is almost entirely made up of semi-enclosed walls and large windows, so as to emphasize the concept of merging the “inside” with the “outside”. That is nature entering the home. The living room, located in the centre of the house, is the “green heart” of “Das Haus”. All the other rooms are connected with this “heart” that turns the house into a totally eco-friendly environment. Here the entire living area is surrounded by the nature, which marks off the space by becoming the wall.

A selection of plants, designed to best suit each environment, was made to fill the various rooms with its invigorating presence.

A collection of products designed by Luca Nichetto in the course of his career will be displayed in this architectural and natural context.