After New York, Paris, Berlin, and her outstanding guerrilla shows on the streets of Stockholm, Swedish multi-talented designer Jenny Grettve just launched her A/W 2013 collection at the Stockholm Fashion Week.


The concept of time is the central theme of the A/W 2013 collection, says Jenny Grettve. The physics and psychology that govern time have inspired my collection in various exciting ways. Clean lines and intersections that express simplicity and a back-to-basics feel, meet eye-catching, bold creations in chiffon and contrasting jersey, with the inclusion of sections of amazing pearl embroidery intended to represent time itself.

Fashion by Jenny Grettve

The accessories which adorn the collection are spectacular pieces in their own right, and they could easily work within other applications. It would be great if perhaps Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beth Ditto or some other cool person could wear them.



Design by Jenny Grettve


Photo by Felix Gerlach