This is the second in a series of excerpts from the book Make Design Matter by the David Report founder and editor-in-chief David Carlson. The book is a pocket size guide to meaningful design and has just been released via BIS publishers. It is available at well-stocked bookstores (links below).

Be open minded

Make Design Matter - Be open minded

Great Ormond Street Hospital is a global centre for excellence in children’s healthcare. Their cardiac department had carried out significant research into the role of human factors when things go wrong in surgery, including the role of quite small errors. The department identified the period of handover between the operating theatre and the intensive care ward as a risk period.

One evening two of the doctors watched a Formula One race on TV and were amazed how the perfectly choreographed pit-stop team was able to carry out its complex tasks. The “Lollipop Man” uses a paddle to direct the drivers: he was in total control of the situation. The TV evening resulted to a surprising collaboration between the hospital and Ferrari resulting in a remodeled patient-handoff technique inspired by the Ferrari Formula One racing team.

Great Ormond Street Hospital’s anesthesiologist became the Lollipop Man (or Woman) for the operation team!

By daring to be open-minded to new ways of seeing and doing, you can find solutions where you least expect them.


Book about meaningful design


Make Design matter is a little Red Book that presents a pocket size guide to meaningful design. Seven stepping-stones that help you cross the stream of change, and get you to the other side, firm and dry. The guide is an important iterative and strategic approach based on holistic thinking, shared wisdom, and reflective insights, and will help you to make design better – and matter!

Make Design Matter is available at well-stocked bookstores. Try one of these: Amazon ($12.62), Barnes & Noble ($12,49), Bokus (SEK 119), Adlibris (SEK 108), Konst/ig (€10.49) or ask at your local bookstore around the corner. The book is also available from the BIS publishers webshop (€12).

Some words about the book:

”Make Design Matter is full of lessons for designers in practice; of punk rock, David Lynch, Nobel price winners, Leonardo Da Vinci to Bjork and the Ice Hotel.” -Dutch Cowgirls

”Make Design Matter is a call to arms, a reminder that we deserve better than the consumer hell we find ourselves in, that design is more of a tool than a celebrity status and it should transcend beyond objects that consume resources and live short lives and become a means of creating fulfillment.” -Green Car Design

”In his new book David Carlson gives robust and inspiring tips on how you can become the designer of tomorrow.” -Form

”Making Design Matter – seven steps to making your design mean more to its audience through positively engaging design processes in ethical and sustainable thinking.”

“Make Design Matter is a pocket size guide to meaningful design.” -Dexigner

”We like this little Red Book!” – OEO

”Get Your Little Red Book and Make Design Matter.” -Eyes In

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