Make a donation in your friends’ or clients’ name to help a cooperative of urban waste collectors in Brazil keep on recycling.

The Angels of São Paulo is The Club of Helsinki’s pilot project in close collaboration with a cooperative of informal waste collectors named Coopamare. The Club of Helsinki was co-founded by designer Ilkka Suppanen.

Coopamare have expressed a need for new tools. New legislation in Brazil dictates that companies can no longer deliver to cooperatives if they have more than 25 kilos of materials. The new law could potentially cut the Cooperative off from many of its existing clients. High on the wish list of tools is an aerosol-dismantling machine. The total cost of this particular machine is 2500 euro, but it will enable Coopamare to gain a new revenue stream.

With your help The Club of Helsinki hope to be able to send machines to Coopamare this holiday season. In return, they will send you the information on the Club of Helsinki pilot project with Coopamare, as well as a newsletter in the new year. Corporate partners will receive communications content to share with their clients, telling the story of Coopamare and the role of informal communities in urban waste and recycling.

christmas gift recyling

A member of Coopamare, a recycle materials collecting cooperative in Sao Paulo

cooperative founder

Founder of the first cooperative and poet, Carolina Maria de Jesus.

coopamare cart

A cart used by Coopamare to collect materials from the city streets.

pacjed cardboard at coopamare

Packed cardboard at Coopamare ready to send to a recycling centre.

aerosol dismantling machine

An aerosol dismantling machine: ‘Aerosolv Mega Aerosol Can Disposal System #9000’

For more information please email The Club of Helsinki on:

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