25hours hotel by Alfredo Häberli

Argentinian born designer Alfredo Häberli has just finalized the 25hours hotel in Zürich. The corridor walls are painted purple, and it still smells slightly of fresh paint. There are already dangling naughty door signs, one of them says: “I need help with the agenda – please clean”. In the entrance a frog-green carpet with abstract patterns welcomes guests upon entering. Behind a yellow curtain you will find pastel colored illustrations.

design hotel by Alfredo Häberli

If you looks at the door, the pink mosaic tiles tiles of the one side mirrored bathroom shimmer in the light. Along with the modern decor in the bathroom, the colors create a warm and cozy atmosphere for guests.

Bathroom at the 25hours hotel in Zürich

Each room has its own color scheme. The tones of the room Silver personally liked best, says the designer Alfredo Häberli, who set up the hotel with great attention to detail, heart and humor. We wanted to make something that would not dare the Swiss else: colors! Because color is a great tool for us to decorate a room.

25hours hotel in Zürich

The 25hours Hotel stay with their motto “Do you know one, do you know none” faithful and deal playfully winking at its new location. So the guest in the hotel lobby is received “zürcherisch” mundane: with a large porch and a timeless interior.

Design hotel in Zürich

Room designed by Alfredo Häberli

lobby in design hotel

Conference room at the design hotel 25hours

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