A photographic journey  shot by legendary photographer Peter Lindbergh, captured in a poetically visual book served as the foundation for a new collaboration between the Swedish fashion brand J.Lindeberg and The White Briefs.

Peter Lindbergh and J.Lindeberg collaboration

In our world in constant turmoil, even the silence can be raging. Here, such stillness is captured as part of an encounter between visionaries, locked in photographic dialogue. The resulting images serve as a reminder of the substantial power we attribute to interaction, says Peter Simonsson from The White Briefs. For us, such functional interaction with garments remains a pivotal design-condition for daywear.

J.Lindeberg packaging with Peter Lindbergh photos

Peter Simonsson continuously aspires to conceptualize his sartorial reflection on utilitarian design. Inspired, both by the moving commitment of Peter Lindbergh to create timeless images in a street-style setting and the craftsmanship that went into the printed limited edition art book, ‘’ The Documentary and a Dream’’, Peter Simonsson set off to suggest his personal interpretation of the visual documentation of encounters.

Peter Lindbergh and The White Briefs collaboration

A conceptualized approach to transcend imagery onto quality wearable fabrics was drawn up, together with a specialized facility in Germany. The resulting visual undergarment pieces are exclusively crafted with 100% Pima organic certified cotton.

Peter Lindbergh photo book

The entire J.Lindeberg book is dedicated to encounters; which is expressed further by this creative collaboration, developed together with a partner that just like us, takes great pride in craftsmanship and artistic values, says Stefan Engström, Global Brand Director at J.Lindeberg.

Peter Lindbergh photography

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