“La Cloche” is bell-shaped lamp for Le Klint by French designer Aurélien Barbry. The lamp comes in 3 sizes, Medium diameter 25 cm, Large diameter 30 cm and Xtra Large diameter 70 cm.

Le Klint lamp by Aurélien Barbry

La Cloche by Aurélien Barbry for Le Klint

Lamp by Aurélien Barbry

The pictures below explains the process of fabrication of “La Cloche” at Le klint factory in Denmark on Fyn Island. The Paper or plastic are printed with an engraved roll to create marks for the pleatings, then the shape is hand folded, and sewed. The pleating of La Cloche creates a detail to hold a flexible diffusor to hide the bulb and attenuate the light.

Le Klint production

Le Klint

From Le Klint factory