Inkarnation book about tattoo and lifestyle

Inkarnation is not an ordinary book about tattoo –  it’s a testament to the passion and the lifestyle of the tattoo culture. Inkarnation features selected premium photography from international top notch photographers. Artists, pin-ups, musicians and people with attitude. No ordinary tattoo stuff from stars to hearts.…, Inkarnation is about love and passion for the tattoo, combined with attitude and rock’n’roll lifestyle. Unique tattooes of individuals, who love their lifes as colourful as their tattoos. That’s why the coffee-table book covered in black-leathered looks like a book of prayers.

Book cover in leather

Inkarnation in white leather cover comes in an limited edition of 100 books.

book in gold

tattoo book

Black tattoo book

Inkarnation book

tattoo book


tattoo and lifestyle

Spread from tattoo book

Tattoo Ray Lego

Hanja Li in tattoo book

inkarnation tattoo book

Pep Williams tattoo

tattoo photo

Brian Cummings tattoo photo