Street art by SIT

The artist SIT is a Dutch gem, his art has been part of the city’s creative scene for many years. After initially working as a digital creative within the commercial industry he decided to stop the madness in 2008 and go back to his traditional artistic roots… back to square one to find his true essence. Since then he has produced numerous artistic series and shows, landing him recognition across the globe.

Urban art by SIT

The work of SIT is inevitably characterized by a feeling of discomfort: his paintings and sculptures show the moment when beauty loses its raison d’être, and presents its darkest side.

By using black and white, SIT creates sober and melancholic images, as if man – while endlessly believing in progression – has lost something on the way. But on the other hand he displays a maximum of effects: the fabrics, textures and costumes look sensual and seductive, the settings are theatrical and grotesque. This ambiguity – between the temptation of beauty and our constant urge to abuse her – is the driving force behind SIT’s work.

Urban art by SIT

SITs latest body of work, ‘Haiiro Sushi’, opens at The Scarlett Gallery this week and runs through to 3rd November 2012. The artist will also be producing a permanent piece at Subtopia, Botkyrka whilst in Stockholm.

The gallery vernissage takes place on 4th Oct, 17.00-22.00. RSVP at The event at Facebook.

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