Area is a new bed concept for Magnitude by Alain Gilles.

area bed concept

This novel bed concept takes into account what a bed is traditionally used for: sleeping, but also the fact that today the bedroom is now also used as a bathroom, personal office, or extra room or living room…, says Alain Gilles.

Bed design by Alain Gilles

The bed head can serve as room divider and room organizer to redefine the architecture of the room, but in some cases it can also wrap around the walls to create a cocoon-like-space.

Magnitude beds

The “Area” bed plays on asymmetry to bring a dynamic to something that is usually seen as rather static. It is fairly graphic thanks to its extra playful elements such as the small bedside table, “pocket table”, repositionable lamp and bench that organize the “area” where one sleeps. It is a comfortable and welcoming bed like all beds from Magnitude

Alain Gilles bed design for Magnitude