Book about foreign japanese kitchen
The cookbook “Guide to the Foreign Japanese Kitchen” is a result of the MA degree project by Moé Takemura, an industrial designer newly-graduated from Lund University, Sweden, originally from Japan. The book shows how you can cook Japanese food using locally available ingredients in Sweden.
japanese kitchen book
Historically, for a very long time, people used to eat what they could get for surviving. However, today, we have the luxury to choose. People look for pleasure and excitement in food as well as safety and reliability. The problem is that these two needs don’t always get along with each other because organic and locally-produced food is an important factor from safety and reliability perspective, but people enjoy multicultural diet supported by a lot of imported ingredients at the same time. The project aimed to deal with this paradox, and aimed to introduce Japanese food culture in a suitable way in today’s Swedish environment.
japanese kitchen book by Moé Takemura
30 recipes are introduced for 7 meals in the book, and it includes numbers of modifications which make the food possible/easier to make at home in foreign environment, regarding meal composition, ingredients, cooking techniques, presentation, tableware, etc.
Book about foreign japanese food

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