Tom Beckman, executive creative director at Prime, discusses post-commercialism as a consequence of the age of transparency resulting in informed consumers empowered by media to impact businesses and markets. He means that the central question to post-commercialism is the question of who deserves to earn your money, and that consumers reward corporations that take stands rather than building brands.
It’s a discussion we are happy to support. Here’s some words from our I Shop Therefore I Am report by architect and designer Tim Power. He describes the power our money provides us with like this;

“I have always believed that one of the tools of individual empowerment given each and everyone of us upon birth or immigration into an economically liberal democratic society is the power of the political vote, but equally important is the power of the ‘economic vote’. Each and every dollar (or euro or whatever) we spend on a product or service is a vote for (or against) the process, quality, belief system or form of what we buy. Every dollar we spend is a vote – you use what you buy to empower what you believe in!”

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