David Report are happy to announce that we today can offer an exclusive preview of the short film ‘Sandell & The Book’. It’s produced by the Scandinavian luxury lifestyle brand Georg Jensen as part of the launch of the new wine accessories collection Wine & Bar.

Featuring Thomas Sandell, the designer behind the collection, actress Christiane Schaumburg-Müller and real-life sommelier Bo Bratlan, the short film profiles the sophisticated assortment of wine accessories in daily use in a story built around the universal tale of man-meets-woman-in-a-bar.

The interactive story allows viewers to choose the ending they want to see. The beginning of the film explores the meeting of a man and a woman in a bar, observed by Bratlan, who skilfully employs the wine accessories collection to serve his guests.

In the first ending, Sandell’s sketchbook, forgotten at the bar, is returned to him by the woman and something exciting is set to happen…. The second ending features a factual narrative involving the designer and the sommelier, who discuss the collection’s design ethos and functionality, melding two parts of the passionate world of oenology.

Produced using a minimal technical set-up, and filmed with a mobile hand-held camera, the film captures in detail the unfolding storyline and gives the viewer a feeling of witnessing the events at first hand. From the corkscrew opening the bottle to the wine pourer’s water-lily contours, the authentic and crisp visual language perfectly showcases the collection’s functionality and form, and allows the viewer a unique insight into the merging worlds of wine and design.

As well – we got our hands on one of the Wine & Bar collections by Thomas Sandell which you can win in a competition. Follow this link and answer the question before June 22nd!