Bin from mines Above the Ground

The new Malmö based company Mines Above Ground has recently launched The Bin – a simple and stylish waste bin with the unique ability to sort waste into four compartments. The company is founded by Liv Andersson together with Petra Lilja and Jenny Nordberg, both from the design- and innovation studio Apokalyps Labotek.

The business concept of Mines Above Ground is all about taking advantage of what we have already picked up from the earth, metals, minerals, oil and so on. In order to use the materials again an efficient recycling system is important.

Four Bins from Mines above Ground

If you do not care about the environment, you might at least care about your wallet, says Jenny Nordberg. By using The Bin from Mines Above Ground, you can save money by doing good.

Bin for sorting waste

It is also true that the more we sort our waste, the more money we can save in waste disposal costs, says Petra Lilja. Mixed waste can be more than 15 times more expensive to get taken care of than sorted. Everyone’s waste situation is different but on a typical office with 300 employees going from 20% recycling to 80%, could save over SEK 100 000 per year by using The Bin. From a ten-year perspective savings of almost a million SEK can be made, investment cost of the vessels included.

Mines Above Ground wants to put the waste on a pedestal. The Bin is available in four designs – gold, fluorescent red, black and white. The bin is made in Malmo and of course made from recycled materials.

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