Trend briefing in collaboration between Design Hotels and The Future Laboratory

On June 22nd Design Hotels presents a trend briefing called Innovate or be damned in collaboration with The Future Laboratory. The arena is Delphi Filmpalast in Berlin (nearby hotels Berlin has to offer)  and it starts at 9.30.

The next ten years will bring a seismic shift in the way we live, work, travel and communicate. Leading emerging states such as China, India, Brazil and Turkey are playing an increasingly significant role in global politics and business. The Internet connects consumer communities across the globe, bringing us from an age of mass media into one that is defined by customization. Consumers forego standardized offers and search for curated experiences and adventures. Brands that do not respond to these and other game-changing developments will fail. Standing still is not an option.

The trend briefing is conducted by The Future Laboratory co-founders Chris Sanderson and Martin Raymond. Tickets available by clicking here.


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