Porteur membership based bicycle brand

Porteur is a new membership based bicycle brand and concept. It comes to life with a promise – One for One. The Porteur bicycle is designed for a unique look and feel, but made truly special by those who use it.

The first bicycles are sold in a limited edition only. They all come with a promise: for every bicycle sold,
another is given by Porteur to a youth in a third world project, together with UNICEF.

Porteur one-for-one bicycle

We’d like to explore the idea of a bicycle as a fashion brand, says Jimmy Östholm one of the Co-founders of Porteur. Every day, we make a difference. In life, at work, with friends. We express ourselves, listen, influence and create – as individuals, as people. Porteur encourage you to do your thing, all the way. In style. An international community, very much defined by how we carry ourselves.

Man and porteur bicycle

Although the bicycle really can make a difference in developing countries – we should not underestimate the fun riding it”, Jimmy continues… We want to give urbanites, all over the world, a better possibility to carry themselves with style and ease on two wheels. And we offer a membership community – a place of belonging, conversation and inspiration.

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