Renowned shoe artist Christian Louboutin makes his mark at The Design Museum in London to celebrate the brand’s 20th Anniversary. The exhibition takes you through his journey from life as a cobbler through to travel inspirations, leaving fashion for garden design and finally creating the ultimate shoe of every woman’s dreams.

With 200 pairs of shoes carefully selected for display from a period of two decades, each pair expresses its own personality of materials from feathers, lace, frills, studs and fur. Red velvet is draped over displays, shoe’s dangled around a carousel and light bulbs rimmed around mirrors. Walking through the exhibition feels like you’ve snuck into the backstage of a showgirl’s dressing room. There is a playful yet erotic atmosphere to this exhibition as you are soon guided from bright lights to no lights in the fetish department, which features Louboutin’s collaboration with David Lynch back in 2007. This area showcases designs that are merely a work of art rather than to be worn, accentuating heels and pain as a sculpture of ideas. The fetish side also demonstrates that Louboutin shoes are not just for women but for the visual appeal of men also.

He describes his shoes as a work of art, a sculpture of engineering that structure a woman’s body, making a statement, a shoe that needs a confidant woman to carry it off, a woman like Dita Von Teese.

She pays tribute to the designer with a hologram burlesque performance that is definitely worth saving until the end. The exhibition runs from 1st May-9th July 2012. Tickets are £10 per person.