Contrast by BCXSY

Dutch-based design duo BCXSY has just finished the latest chapter of their Origin series. Contrast, as the third chapter is called, will be presented next week during the Milan Design Week at Spazio Rossana Orlandi.


Chapter is developed through a collaboration with Meitheal Mara – (translated from Irish roughly as, workers of the sea or sea community), a charitable maritime cultural and educational centre based in Cork City in the south of Ireland. The main goal of Meitheal Mara is to preserve the craftsmanship of traditional Irish boat building. The collaboration was commissioned by Sirius Art Centre, through their internationally recognized artist in residency program.

Design by BCXSY

In the collaboration, BCXSY never intended to to build a boat. The goal was more about employing the naturalness, efficiency and functionality of Meitheal Mara traditional working methods and distil various various elements involved in the boat-building process. Contrast consists of side-tables, stools, fruit bowls and serving trays.

Serving trays by BCXSY

The boat-building techniques we have witnessed at Meitheal Mara were very different from the traditional artistry we have worked with in the past – they utilize rougher, unrefined and simple methods, while being strikingly efficient, says Boaz Cohen of BCXSY.

Serving tray by BCXSY

Observing their  work we were fascinated by how almost magically, in a matter of  a few days, a vessel can be constructed which allows people to travel on the water, says Sayaka Yamamoto of BCXSY.

Stool and table

Below are some further images form the development of Contrast.

Work by BCXSY

Design by BCXSY

Design process

Meitheal Mara and BCXSY collaboration

Work at Meitheal Mara

Meitheal Mara and BCXSY





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