Dutch designer Dave Hakkens has just finished a new project called rubble floor. You will find Dave’s story below where he talks about why he started the project and how it came out in the end.

Use parts from an old building in the new building

Usually when a building/bathroom/shed etc. is being demolished a completely new one takes over his place. This is done without leaving any trace of what has been there before, perhaps a little picture on the wall but that’s it.

Pigments from rubble
Rubble used for the floor

I was interested in using the materials from the old building in the new one.  I was inspired by the terrazzo floors. Although these floors are made from waste produced in the marble mines, they are really decent and have a good quality which you can see and feel.

terrazzo floor as inspiration

I wanted to find out if we could use our own waste produced when demolishing something.

Rubble floor by Dave Hakkens

Floor made by rubble

I did several test with different materials and made a selection of which materials are possible, I used crushed bricks and roof tiles as a pigment.

Crushed bricks and roof tiles as a pigment.

Between 20-30% of new cement is added to bind everything to one solid floor which can last 100th of years.

Rubble floor in the molds by Dave Hakkens

Dave Hakkens sanding the rubble floor


Different rubble floors by Dave Hakkens


Rubble Floor from Dave Hakkens on Vimeo.

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