Table by NUDE

Nude is Stockholm based creative atelier that creates energy-filled rooms for well being. During Stockholm Design Week they will launch The Room In-Between, accompanied by a limited edition of specially designed furniture.

Exhibition by NUDE architecture and design

The founder of NUDE, Eva-Lotta Axelsson, describes their philosophy:

In the city, everything is represented by a facade. The facade and its location becomes the icon of what it represents. By removing the facade from its sense of place, and stripping it to its purest existence, the language is gone. No longer is the facade an identification of what it represents.

Table in old industrial environment

The facade is a barrier between the inner and outer spaces, which meet in the Room In-Between. This is a place without a given framework, natural flow or pattern of movement in time and space.

Small table by NUDE architecture and design

For me, architecture is a fluid form, a constant pattern of movement within time and space. It is internal, in-between and external, and these parts create an entity. To find oneself in a room is a defined experience, whereas nakedness and vulnerability exist in the Room In-Between, which has no defined boundaries.

Tables by NUDE architecture and design

Sensuality, vulnerability without predetermination, without predictability, is what defines the Room In-Between. It is what we call ’a naked seam’. The work we create is a direct consequence of our Room In-Between.

Table by NUDE architecture and design
The furniture collection that will be launched next week is the physical manifestation of this — with flat steel bars that are curved and belted flush around slabs of marble — creating a naked seam. The collection consists of five pieces: a dining table, a sideboard and three bookshelves.

Photos by: Andreas Dienert