La Beauté (ラ・ボーテ) is a esthetic restaurant in central Tokyo. The evolution of organic cuisine, where beyond healthy, one gets beauty in the deal.

La Beauté

One of many signs of the back to basics trend that dominates fashion, beauty and lifestyle worldwide. First was the organic cloth, then came the gypsets and now it is time for the in-grocer’s salon.

Within walking distance from Yotsuya (Marunouchi Line – Tokyo Metro) the restaurant is hidden in a back street. Upstairs, the small though charming salon has a menu is filled with healthy options, said to make japanese girls even prettier. The most popular in the chill of the winter are obviously warm concoctions of vitamins, minerals and collagen. The best to keep that skip white and soft, like a baby.

The detox hotpot set 

organic food in Tokyo

The anti-aging pot

La Beauté in Tokyo


This place offers real fusion between Zen Principles and Italian-French inspired cuisine. Cozy décor and few tables, so please, take the phone and book in advance. They owner speaks just enough english to guide you through.

Popular among beauty addicts, it gained supporters after being featured in hotpepper, a popular discount magazine in town.

full name: エステティックレストラン La Beaute (ラ ボーテ) MENU

address: 東京都新宿区四谷2-3-19 四谷大新ビル2F MAP

phone: 050-5815-6930

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