The new Atelier Collection from David Design

I just got the good news that my former company David Design, which I founded back in 1988, has got a new management, new designers and new products. I left the company 6 years ago and I’m happy to see that there is some new power behind the brand!

I have heard that the work behind the new collection has been a process somewhat similar to that of a creative workshop. Atelier is French for workshop or studio. And to us it particularly evokes the image of an artist’s workroom. When looking at the entire new collection, ATELIER seems like an appropriate name.

David Design will launch their Atelier Collection at the coming Stockholm Design Week with new products by Claesson Koivisto Rune, Richard Hutten, Inga Sempé, Luca Nichetto, Benjamin Hubert, Andreas Engesvik, Staffan Holm, and Cate & Nelson.

It looks promising! The design collection now has a separate web. Here’s the fashion part of David Design.

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