In a time when large scale production no longer takes place within the borders the city and has decreased within the country, designers tend to form small but strong units based on specific knowledge within materials, traditions and areas of application.

Markus Kayser in the Sinai desert

Örnsbergsauktionen wants to create a platform for the unique items and projects that form the basis for the design fields progression and specialization but is situated outside, in between or before the big producers where objects are reshaped to meet the demands of mass production and economic viability.

Julian Bond vases at Örnsbergsauktionen

Örnsbergsauktionen is a self organized project that wants to open up the process between idea and finished product and reduce the distance between the designer and the user. The works all have in common that they are results of studio production without close connection to producers.

Hanna Hedman product at Örnsbergsauktionen

There is a space outside the global production processes and the exclusive antique trade. We want to show projects and voices that are initiated and realized in smaller cycles. In terms of time, economy and volume, says Simon Klenell, one of the persons behind this auction.

Product from Örnsbergsauktionen

During Stockholm Design Week 2012 Örnsbergsauktionen will realize its first project, an auction of contemporary studioproduced design. The represented designers and artists include: Early Flower, Sami Kallio, Yuri Suzuki, Åsa Cederqvist, Helena Svensson, Kakan Hermansson, Hanna Hedman, Simon Klenell, Anton Alvarez, Sara Lundkvist, Matti Klenell, Carina Seth Andersson, Uglycute, Fredrik Paulsen, Pål Rodenius, Fredrik Färg, Fabien Capello, Kristoffer Sundin, Julian Bond, Peter Marigold, Harry Thaler, Glass Hill, Ingegerd Råman, Markus Kayser, Emma Mierse/Jonatan Lennman, Thomas Bernstrand, TAF, Peter Andersson, Per B Sundberg, Katja Pettersson, Clemence Seilles, Gustaf Nordenskiöld, Åsa Jungnelius and Folkform.

Object from the design auction